Colorado Insurance a division of PCF Insurance

About the Insurance Sales Representative position

We are looking for a competitive Insurance Sales Representative to help us expand our business by actively seeking and acquiring new clients. You will identify their needs and demands and sell accordingly.

The goal is to formulate strong relationships to ensure growth and preserve and augment our firm’s prestige.

Insurance Sales Representative responsibilities are:

  • Implementing strategies to sell insurance

  • Building rapport with customers

  • Getting details from customers to fully assist them

  • Preparing reports for manager/supervisor

  • Dealing with customer enquiries and disputes

  • Handling insurance claims

  • Being fully aware of the company’s services/policies

  • Working accordingly with company policies

Insurance Sales Representative requirements are:

  • Experience within this field

  • Good understanding of insurance plans/policies

  • Computer savvy

  • Motivational

  • Communication skills should be excellent

  • Good at building rapport with customers and persuading individuals

  • High school diploma or BA/BSc degree in Marketing or a related field